What Does HyperData Solve?

We provide software solutions that help customers monitor competitors' product availability and prices. Our Data analytics and reports help you optimize and adjust your prices and discount policy.

HyperData's Story

We are a group of people who, after many years of experience each in different areas such as data analysis, software engineer, sales planning and business management we decided to join forces in a common goal, to bringing tools and expertise as well as data process and presentation to help businesses to grow their revenue but also their insights for sales and marketing goals.

Product Tracker

Products tracking to be aware with competition prices

Marketing Statistics

Help sales with charts and reports to be prices competitive


Product Track

Competitor Product Track

Set product track from supported platforms to get valuable information about prices and availability

Be more competitive and grow your business

Twelve Quays House, Egerton Wharf
Birkenhead, CH41 1LD
+44 151 947 0232

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